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    ROUGH SILK Design was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2015 by Interior Designer, Michelle Mathieson.

    It was born out of a continuing love of ‘all things interiors’ and a desire to create stimulating spaces with unique style and decor. Less bland, more style.

    Years spent flicking through design magazines admiring beautiful lifestyle products encouraged her to create a high impact product of her own. With a background in Commercial Interior Design and many years working in the industry Michelle could fully appreciate the transformational quality of interior accessories, particularly cushions.

    A persistent passion for pattern emerged and the result was the formation of ROUGH SILK Design. She set out to create an edgy, yet sophisticated homewares brand with a gender-neutral style. The inspiration came from…...the street.

    The designs are bold and unique; and simply derived from common textures, patterns, objects, and compositions found in the everyday urban streetscape.
    From SILK.

    Design process….

    Michelle can often be spotted walking the streets with a camera snapping away at unassuming objects that most people walk past everyday and don't really notice.

    She then manipulates and refines the photos extracting and adjusting the patterns to highlight the rhythm, composition and the beauty. Or she simply uses the photos as inspiration to draw her own interpretation.

    After the final tick of approval the designs are exposed onto silk screens ready to begin the printing process. The fabrics are hand-printed, air-dried, heat-cured, cut and eventually constructed, with love, to create the signature RSd textile products.


    The RSd Collection was a product of Michelle’s continuing passion and admiration for the art of Interior Design. She believes that good design can be life-changing; and finding the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics is a real craft.

    “Our surroundings affect our well-being and our state of mind. First and foremost a space must ‘work’. It must serve, not hinder the user. It must facilitate all of the activities that take place in that space.

    But aesthetics are fundamental. A space must also delight. It must touch the senses”. 


    With her experience in the industry, attention to detail and flair for creating sophisticated, contemporary spaces it seemed a natural progression for her to expand the business to include interior design and decoration services. RSD has been helping clients realise the potential of their home ever since.

    RSd can help you find the potential in your home too. Find out more….